Optimus Telecom is a trusted partner for sensitive data management working with state of the art technologies in accordance with the international best practices and quality assurance.


Our proven track record confirms our capacity to guarantee confidentiality, availability, integrity, and traceability for our customers.


To ensure the highest level of services for our clients, we guarantee high availability of data, replication on several remote sites in highly secured hosting centers.

To face today's threats, our customers need threat defense solution that empowers security teams to rapidly detect and understand the full scope of a compromise.

Optimus Telecom can deliver the industry’s most complete visibility integrating logs, network data, endpoints and applies threat intelligence and behavior analytics to detect, prioritize, investigate and automate the response to threats.
This breadth of visibility and depth of analytics gives our customers the ability to be more effective and efficient on security investigations.

Fraud is expected to increase as transaction volumes grow for our customers.
Prevent fraud and protect customers with malicious, inappropriate behavior analysis and advanced authentication solution that offer the convenience users demand.













These elements are the most crucial Security components for Telcos.

Optimus Telecom respects this model designed to guide policies for information security within our customer's organizations.